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Soccer training for individuals usually starts with a warm-up, running drills and agility drills before moving into individual ball work. Learn how to practice dribbling and juggling in soccer with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on soccer training tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Stewart. I'm the Director of Coaching for Miami Premier Soccer. In this clip, we're going to show you some individual soccer training tips. We're going to start out with a warm-up which usually, every player should do before they start playing soccer. This is the physical aspect of what you should do. If you swing yourselves around and take a look at our players we're going to go through a few drills that helps with the calisthenics. Ladies, let's go. We're going to go from here, a quick jog to the line and back. Then, we'll do heels to butt. Then, high knees, and go. As you can see, this is not a high rep running drill. This is very slow, very methodical. They come through it nice and easy, getting themselves widely, getting their legs, getting all their muscles working out. And we'll go through our heels to butt which helps with getting to your legs, getting, also, the agility going, and getting the blood flow that will resist getting injuries. Let's do high knees ladies. As you see, form is very important. How you pick your knees up, how your posture is, and moving off the arms. Soccer is a game of where the whole body component is in motion. And we're good. Everyone get to their area. We're going to progress from playing, from running and doing our drills and to what users call our ball work. Ball work, individual ball work is always very important. We're going to see juggling. We're going to see dribbling. We're going to see what's called moving the ball from side to side. The surface of the foot is very important as you can see with Ashley here. Moving the ball, turning. She pulls the ball, pull it, changing of direction; using the proper inside/outside, the proper technique of using the right part of the foot or what we call the surface of the foot to touch the ball. She switches from left to right, pulls the ball, look to the next direction and then she go. And as we move on and we progress we see different players do different things to individually warm-up. We look over here. We see Sarah with the nice blue ball, and Sarah's juggling. Juggling is very important for ball control in soccer. By popping the ball up an experienced type player will do that, using different feet, using what's called the instep to do the juggling. By touching the ball this increases your way of touching the ball. We look over here; we see CeeCee. She's doing now what's called tapping, tap, tap, tap, tap, which is another way of using it. This is Michael Stewart. Thank you for watching.


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