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A great way to incorporate yoga into a kid's exercise routine is to use to alphabet to match up poses with animals of the corresponding letter. Discover how to do an alligator pose in yoga with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on yoga exercises for kids.

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Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. I want to talk to you about a few yoga poses for kids. A great way to kind of want to incorporate yoga into your kid's routine you can use the alphabet or maybe even animals and just kind of go through the alphabet, like A is for alligator. I'm going to show you an alligator pose. So for kids a great way to do the alligator, have the arms long and pretend like their hands are the alligator's mouth so when they clomp down they're lifting the legs up, actually keep the legs together so that's your tail and clomp down. So this is A for alligator then you just want to switch sides and switch the arms over and chomp, chomp, kind of fun. The next one, B is for butterfly. So I'm doing the alphabet and animals. So right here, kind of lacing the hands around the feet, doing the B for the butterfly. Another one is C which is, stands for cat. We'll do Cat Pose. Well cat and cow. So we've got the cat which is here and the cow is right here then D for Downward Facing Dog. So from cat to cow to tuck your toes under, we're going for the dog, Down Dog. Lifting up, lifting the tail in the air, they're pushing the heels down, good stuff. So those are just a few great poses you can do and you can go all the way through the alphabet like I for iguana. I mean there's so many great things you could do. Yoga is fantastic to keep your kids flexible, actually helps with the kid's circulation and helps them with their concentration as well.


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