How to Do Yoga Exercises for the Lower Back & Knees

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A yoga exercise for the lower back and knees starts with the feet together, the knees bent and both hands on the knees before doing knee circles. Learn about doing a triangle pose for the lower back with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on yoga exercises for the lower back and knees.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. I just want to show you a few yoga poses that you can do for the knees and lower back. I'm going to start with the knees. So what I want you to do, have your feet together, kind of mooned, bend the knees, both hands on the knees. Start with these simple knee circles, pretty fantastic stuff. It's a little bit of tai chi if you will. We're going to go to the other direction with the knees. That's just a simple little pose to kind of get the knees kind of relaxed and warmed up. Now I'm going to do another pose for the low back. Legs long. It's a triangle pose. So the heel is in perfect alignment with the arch of that foot. Arms long, inhale, exhale, reach as far as you can over to one side and revolve. It's great for the low back and it strengthens the core as well. So you want to rotate the rib cage, feels so good. It's great for the inner thighs. I'm already feeling that one, amazing. So I'm just coming up and then you want to just do the other side. Another great one for the low back is a simple forward fold. So I want to show you from the side. We're here, inhale, exhale, just kind of forward fold, almost like you are diving into a pool. If you can't come very far, halfway is fantastic but if you can, try to get that upper body to really fold forward. It's a fantastic low back release, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. It just takes all the tension off the low back. Let's go to the floor, with this low back you want to keep it nice and strong. So here's a great pose to really relax that low back. Hands, you want to take them in front of you, press up. So it's kind of a back bend pose which is going to bring that blood supply to the spine. It's going to feel fantastic. You can come all the way down, you can even do opposite arm and opposite leg, just to keep that back strong and then come on back to Child's Pose, amazing for the low back and those are just a few things you can do. Yoga poses for the knees and the back.


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