How to Backpack With Healthy Food

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When planning caloric intake and healthy eating for a backpacking trip, it's important to create a backup plan in case something doesn't go according to plan. Learn about carrying energy bars on backpacking trips with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on backpacking food.

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Backpacking with healthy food. Now, there is a subject. Obviously, when you're out on the trail, food is what's going to keep you going. It's going to keep you happy. What's going to keep you healthy. It's going to give you the energy to maintain during this backpacking trip. So, planning your caloric requirements for your trip always have a plan B because never does anything go according to plan. You get into camp, you'll find that you can't start your fire because the equipments broken or it's raining or whatever. So, always have a plan B. Have some things that you're not going to need to cook. You're not going to need to prepare. Have an energy bar in your pocket. Have a big bag of gorp that you can just tare into if you're hungry. Gorp is short for good old raisins and peanuts. It's a stable when you're out backpacking but always plan to have more than you're going think you're going to need. So, one way is buy something that's prepackage. Easy to use no real cooking. It's done in seven minutes no big mess and there's lots of different flavors you know here I can have some turkey supreme. It's all prepackaged. It's already to go. The down side if this is it does tend to be a little bit of expensive okay. Where's as I can go into the grocery store and buy similar products. Mix them together in a zip lock bag and have a similar product that might be little less expensive. So, what I'll do is I'll mix my meals. Put them all in a zip lock bag. Label it. Put it in a stuff bag for dinners okay and then off we go. Now, spices okay bring some spices but don't pack them in something big heavy and useless like this. Put them in a small water proof vile. You're not going to need this much hot sauce okay. When you're thinking about things like peanut butter okay sure you could pack this but it is heavy. This jar along weights a pound or two ounces. So, plan to eat this early in the trip and then you could maybe use this jar for other things as a cup for your drinking portions your lemonades and things like that. So, what you will do with your drinking things is you take them out of your container. Put them in your zip lock bag. Mark the zip lock bag lemonade, Gatorade whatever it maybe. Another way to bring healthy foods with you is to freeze it and this isn't going to last for a very long. You can freeze it and wrap it up inside your clothes and things like that and eat that early into the trip. It's going to be heavy. You're going to want to get rid of it a nice casserole that's already frozen. You just heat it up boom it's Ah so good another way's freeze dry stuff okay or dry fruits and things like that. Obviously, a big apple takes up a lot of space lot of weight but a freeze of sundry apple. Lots of weight savings and you still have all the same nutritional values. So, do some research. Find out what the pros are doing and back like a pro. When you get really good at this, get one of those vacuum baggers. That's going to save a lot of space and it'll help improve the freshness of your food. Thanks very much. Happy trails.


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