How to Build a Small Camp

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Before building a small camp, it's important to find a nice, flat and comfortable spot that is high enough so that there is no risk of water coming to wash the camp away. Consider the impact a campsite may have on the nature of an area with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on building a camp.

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Video Transcript

When choosing a place to make a campsite there's several things that you want to make sure that are going to be o'kay. One of the first and foremost things if you're thinking about making a permanent campsite or even a semi-permanent campsite is make sure that the property owner is o'kay with that. So get permission. If it's your property obviously no problem. If it's state property it is probably not o'kay so with all of that said find a nice flat comfortable spot where water is not going to raise up high and wash you away in a flash flood, choose an area that is clear overhead so that your fire is going to be able to not catch anything above you. So you have created a nice fire pit, a nice cooking area, maybe you're going to have some tables maybe you're going to make a nice lash table, things like that, maybe what you might want to do is overhead you might want to put a tarp so that you can sit and play cards in the shade or out of the rain so the useful utility tarps are pretty handy to have. Usually you just set those up with a ridge pole. A timberline hitch is a very useful knot. It's two half hitches that way and then a half hitch that way and it allows you to slide the knot and tighten things up and then it won't loosen up. So in your campsite choose a spot where it's going to be comfortable. Perhaps it has a nice view, great atmosphere, ground is comfortable, plenty of resources, maybe not too far from the car, maybe it's far from the car. It all depends on what you want but choose your campsite carefully, construct it carefully. Now remember impact wise. If you're choosing to make a campsite there's going to be a lot of impact on the area. So consider that. Thanks very much and happy camping.


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