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Carabiners have a number of different uses, including securing objects out of the reach of animals and connecting a tent fly to another piece of webbing. Discover how caribiners are used during rock climbing with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on carabiners and camping gear.

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Video Transcript

Carabiners and how to use them. Well obviously carabiners have a lot of different uses, around the campsite they can be used for clipping things in, holding things, raising things up out of the area for animals and things like that as in your bear bags and stuff like that. Basically there is a couple of shapes. This is a locking D shaped carabiner or pear shaped carabiner, I'm sorry. This is an unlocking D carabiner. So most of these carabiners they can either lock down so that they can't open again or they have an open gate. Now these are usually used to connect things to things so in this case I could connect my tent fly to another piece of webbing and there it would be all connected nice and easy. Now I'm not teaching you how to use these for climbing purposes today, that's a whole other subject but these are useful lightweight tools around the campsite. You can use them for clipping your gear to your backpack, like I said earlier, for stringing gear bags. If I had a bag full of clothes or food that I wanted to raise up out of the area I could get a rope between two trees, clip this into that rope, clip the food bag into it, food bag is in, raise the rope so that now the food bag is off the ground so that the bears can't get it and things like that. So there's a lot of very useful reasons to have a couple of carabiners with you on a camping trip. If you're going to use them for safety purposes for rigging ropes and repelling and climbing, things like that, take a class and learn how to use them properly for that type of application but they are handy little gizmos for typing your dog out and connecting things for a variety of different reasons.


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