How to Use a Pocket Knife

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A pocket knife should always be used carefully, and a knife that locks is useful because it will never fold against the user's will. Discover why a pocket knife should never be used to carve over the body with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on pocket knives.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to use a knife, safety is going to be the first priority. After all, you got a knife in your hand. Let's be smart about this. You are a soft-tissued animal, this is a sharp implement. Okay? So using the knife carefully, always using it away from you and never carving over your body is a really important thing. I like to choose a knife that locks. Okay? So it can't accidentally fold on me. I like a nice handle so that I'm able to dig and pry and carve as I need to. Obviously, I don't want to be near other people. Always carving away from myself, nice, firm strokes using a nice, sharp knife. Now, you can dig, okay? So if I wanted to make a spoon out of this piece of stick I could take several small pieces off the end, raw the ends off. Okay? You can see it's not too hard. Everything is in control. I don't have other people near me, I don't have pets running around. This is my environment and I'm in control of it. I can use my other thumb to push through for a little bit more control. If I need to drill, I could hold this down on a firm sub, firm table and I could use the blade to drill down in. So if I needed a hole or something of that nature I could just go right on through it and you can see the progress that I'm making relatively easy without very much pressure. So if I needed to get through something, again, that's a fairly easy task. Nice thing about a knife is it allows you to dry wood, it allows you to make things. It's one of those tools that you should not leave home without. Knowing how to use it is obviously an important concern as well. Safe adventures.


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