How to Sharpen a Swiss Army Knife

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In order to sharpen a Swiss army knife, one of two different types of sharpening stones can be used, and the different between the two is that one requires a bit of honing oil. Discover how to sharpen a knife by pulling the blade away from the body with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on Swiss army knives.

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Video Transcript

When camping, one of the most important things that you have with you is your knife. Don't leave home without it. This is one of the essential items. Now, a dull knife, that's not really going to do the job for you. So being able to maintain and sharpen your own knife, it's a nice skill and it's really easy. So what I have is I have my sharpening stone, my knife and a nice, flat surface. Now there's two types of stones that, there's a dry stone and there is a wet stone. Some use a little bit of honing oil, some use just a little bit of water and some are just dry. Okay? This one is a dry stone. So what I'm going to do and there's again there's several different ways to do this. I can, I could be drawing this towards me and pushing it away at a slight angle. What I do is I get the knife flat with this stone and I just going to pick it up about 5-7 degrees and try to duplicate the edge that is already on my knife. Okay? Now, with this particular stone what I'm going to do is I'm going to just make small circles. Now this stone is magnetized so that keeps the little metal flakes, I can already feel the diamond edge starting to work its way through this blade. I'm going to spend a little bit of time sharpening one side and then I'm going to turn it over and sharpen the other side. Now remember, sharpening a knife it can be inherently dangerous. I mean after all you're going to be getting a razor sharp edge in this knife and you are moving the knife towards yourself. So being careful not to pull the knife towards your flesh. Okay? And you can just start, you can hear that stone working on the metal. Next you can start to see the metal flakes. Now this is a process, it's going to take some time but your knife, huh, that's that's nice and sharp. Once you get a nice, sharp knife, all the things that you need to do with that knife are so much easier.


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