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A number of backpacking books and trail guides exist to help backpackers plan their trips, and it's important for every group to remember to plan for the weakest member of the group. Discover why weather is such an important consideration for research before a backpacking trip with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on backpacking tips.

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When considering sources of backpacking information, there are a multitude of sources. But consider this source. Some backpackers are fanatics. Some backpackers are; you know; go light, go extreme. Others are, you know, more comfortable-base. So pick the type of backpacking that you're interested in; do some research. I've got some books that I've been using for years and years. I've got some of them laid out here. Some are better for others; some are trail guides and that's a very important thing to consider. If you think about the area of the world that you want to backpack in; get a trail guide for that specific area. Pick your roots, read the descriptions, find the camp locations, and plan yourself a reasonable trip that's reasonable for you and all the members of your group. Remember when you're planning a backpacking trip, you want to plan for the weakest member of the group; not the strongest. Other things to consider in addition to planning and where to go to get information are things like the weather. Great weather sites in terms of, on the Internet, in terms of the average highs and lows. Remember with elevation you're going to lose temperature every thousand feet that you go up; usually it's about five degrees. So if you're planning a high alpine hike; you're going to be climbing three thousand feet. Remember it's going to be ten to fifteen degrees colder up there at night. So that's something that you want to consider. Wildlife; okay; "Are you in grizzly territory; are you in barra territory?" One of the greatest problems that we face is not planning the fact that we are visitors in, in the wilderness areas. This is home to wildlife and we want to consider that, we don't want to become a nuisance; but we also don't want to retract them to our sites. Other things that you want to consider is the gear; making sure that you have appropriate gear with you and last but not least is telling somebody where you're going to go. If you are going alone make sure that you tell somebody at home where you're going; what trail you're going to be on; when you expect to be back and call them at the end of the trip. If you're traveling with somebody else, make sure that the responsible people at home know where you're going to be and that way if something happens and you are out of cellphone range, somebody will come looking for you. There are a lot of sources on the Internet for backpacking information. One of the great ones is, it's a They have a, a whole variety of websites, to places, resources and links to go to. Other books that I've used are Backpacking One Step At A Time; The Essentials of Backpacking; Backpacking And Beyond; The Advance Backpacker. Colin Fletcher has written a couple of books called The Complete Walker. Those are both two very good books; The Complete Walker No. 4 and The Complete Walker No. 3. Thanks very much; happy trails.


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