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Before arranging backpacking gear for a trip, it's important to make a plan of the trip in order to determine which items are necessary. Learn about bringing backpacking gear that fits the climate and conditions of a trip with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on backpacking gear.

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When considering what to bring with you on a backpacking trip; planning, like most good adventures is key. So you're going to begin your plan. Think about the root that you're going to be going on, the weather, the type of conditions; therefore that's going to dictate the clothing, the type of books or the type of boots that you need to wear, the type of food, the caloric requirements that are going to be necessary for that trip, the type of shelter, the type of sleeping bag, cooking gear, things like that. In my book, Outdoor Leadership, The Noble Gift, there are several backpacking lists in terms of even how to build the first aid kit; what to bring on a multi day trip; what to bring on a lot of different types of backpacking or camping trips. So you can consult many established places on the Internet or resources in terms of what to bring. But there are ten items that you should bring on every trip into the woods. They call them the ten essentials; it's also in the book; you need to bring something for fire; you need to bring water; okay and a way to treat that water. Backpacking a problem for fire; you can't always build fires when you're backpacking. Some state parks don't allow it, so you need to have some type of backpacking stove perhaps and the fuel to get along with it. You need to have a compass; you need to have a whistle; you need to have a flashlight; you need to have a knife; a space blanket so you can reflect your body heat back to you if you're getting cold. You need protection from the sun; hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, good proper clothing, good proper footwear. I never leave home without this. This allows me to dig; it allows me to bury. There's certain things that you're going to leave behind; number two is one of those things and when you're backpacking, there are no convenient previce and things like that, so you're going to be creating your own. You'd be glad you had your own little previce stick. Cook kit; maybe a means of purifying water. In this case we have just a small little water filter. There are other ways to purify water. One might be to boil that water; the other would be to chemically treat it or filter it. And again, if you're traveling in other parts of the world you might need to treat for viruses and as well as bacterias. So again, the planning for your backpacking trip takes on significant importance in terms of your safety and your comfort. The overall logistics, having the right equipment at the right time at the right place is everything. Spend a lot of time preparing and planning and I can guarantee you that your trip will go great. Safe adventures.


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