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A cat can be trained to sleep on a cat bed instead of the furniture if it is a soft and comfortable place for him or her to curl up into. Find a cat bed that is similar to the cat's favorite sleeping spots with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cat training.

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Today we're talking about how to train your cat to a bed. So in this case we'll be talking about a cat bed; many people like to have a cat bed for their cat to protect their furniture from wear and tear and extra cat hair. If you are choosing a cat bed it's good to keep in mind things that a cat is interested. So some of the those things are comfort; so pick something that maybe has bolster and it's really soft and comfortable for your cat to crawl up into. This is one of the reasons that they choose furniture. The other thing to keep in mind is placement. So where you put the cat bed will determine whether your cat is interested in checking it out and trying it out and using it. So you pick some place that is a normal sleeping area for them; so again if you're keeping the cat hair off your furniture you could put the bed up onto the furniture and get your cat use to the bed that way. If you decide to move it later, you've got your cat interested in the bed first and then you're just able to slowly move the bed to where you'd like it to be. Cats are also interested in height and one of the reasons for this vertical height is that they want to stay safe. So although cats are predators, they're also prey species for many animals; so they're interested in seeking places that are up high when they sleep 'cause sleeping is really vulnerable position to be in. So by placing the cat bed in a high place, you'll be replacing some of what your cat's been seeking out by sleeping on the top of the couch for example. The other thing that cats like is heat and they seek out that heat either by laying on a comfortable warm surface or blanket, crawling up into something or by laying in places like the sun. So if you do position your cat in a place; sorry, the cat bed in a place like a window sill or a perch that you created there or just a spot that gets direct sunlight coming through the window; then it's so probably be the favorite area for your cat to sleep and make the cat bed very attractive. And then again if you really need to move that cat bed somewhere once you got the cat interested in it, it's more likely you'll be able to move it to another comfortable place like that. So keep in mind what your cat's looking for and it'll be a lot easier to get them train to a cat bed.


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