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When training a kitten or cat to use a litter box, start off with a shallow container that is easy for him to get into, and provide a few containers around the house. Encourage a cat's natural instinct to use a litter box with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cat training.

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Today we're talking about kitty litter training. So, the wonderful thing about cats is that they actually have a natural tendency to litter box train themselves and this means that kittens even from a very early age of a couple weeks old. If you give them the opportunity and place them in or near the litter box, they're very likely to do their business there because it's a natural tendency for them to scoop around in this type of material and to bury their waste when they're finish with it. So, just providing them with a litter box if you have a young kitten maybe something that's low and easy to get into providing them a space that they can use to litter box that's away from their food and water so that they're not mixing the two their bathroom area and their eating area but not putting them in too larger of a space to begin with. If you put them in more of a confine area, it'll help when you're initially teaching your cat that they're more able to find the litter box area and use it really conveniently. Now, when you are initially training your cat, it's important again when you're thinking about the placement of the litter box to place the litter box in an area that's not scary for your cat. So, next to a noisy washing machine might be convenient for you because it's out of the living space but it might be a scary place for your cat. So part of the training experience is really to provide a safe space for your cat. If you have multiple cats, you want to have multiple litter boxes and this will make it a lot more successful as well. When you're choosing litter, most people use they use some type of clumping litter. There's different types on the market. Again this keeps the waste more confined. You do want to still clean up the litter box daily by doing some type of scooping of a solid waste when you have clumping litter not in of the waste waste if you do have clumping litter. It's very convenient and than every one or two weeks, you want to clean up the entire box so dump all the contents and use some type of enzyme cleaner so that you can actually clean it out. You can also use a dilute bleach if you want to sterilize the area. A great thing enzyme cleaner is if you use that in the process, it makes sure to take away any smells that your cat might be sensing in there and if you don't smell them yourself. So, that's how you can train your cat to litter box.


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