How to Crate Train Cats

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To crate train a cat, leave the crate in a high-traffic area for the cat to explore, start putting toys inside the crate and feed the cat its regular meals inside. Get a cat to be comfortable in a crate with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cat training.

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So today we're talking about how to crate train cats. So if you want to get your cat used to a crate or a carrier it's a great idea to leave it out at first for them so that they have a chance to sniff it and explore it and just get used to it being in the room. So put it in kind of a high traffic area where your cat is curious and checking it out and then you can actually put the cat's food inside. You can start feeding them their meals there, place some cat treats in there every once in a while. You could even use toys and play games, tossing things into the carrier that your cat would take back out so getting them used to it in the beginning and then you want to gradually build up to a point where your cat is used to being in there longer and longer. So you would start by letting them go in and out on their own and then you would want to give them a chance to be in there with the door closed but really only briefly so you'd want to close the door and open it almost immediately right after you have closed it so that your cat doesn't feel afraid and gets used to that small amount and this is called desensitization so it gets your cat used to the new object, the new environment, the new behavior a little bit at a time and they don't have any bad associations with that and then if it's something like a carrier that you are going to be moving around you probably want to again get them used to just taking them across the room, setting it down, letting them out before you just put them right in the car and take them to the vet because that can be kind of a lot for the cat to deal with at one time. If this is something that you're using for your cat just to put them in a safe space if you are at friend's house to keep them away from a dog who might not be safe or something like that, you want to make it a nice homey comfortable place for your cat. You can always toss a blanket over it or something so that your cat feels more comfortable and they feel hidden because cats do like those safe hidden spaces. But again it's still important to make sure that there is enough space in there for them to move around, enough ventilation if it's warm out so that they're able to breath and circulate air easily.


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