How to Care for Long-Haired Cats

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Long-haired cats require regular brushing to keep their coat smooth, shiny and tangle-free. Train a cat to associate good things with a brushing session with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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Video Transcript

How to care for long haired cats. Well unfortunately I don't have a long haired cat to demonstrate with but lots of cats love brushing and this is one of the things that you'll need to do if you have a long haired cat is regular brushing. It keeps their coat nice and smooth and shiny, brings the oils out to the surface and helps your cat to maintain their coat. It also prevents tangling which is a common problem and matting in cats with long hair. So I want to start by warming my cat up and getting them used to it. So I don't want to plan on having a long brushing session in the very beginning as part of my long hair cat care so I want to just start by petting my cat and making her feel comfortable and then when I do do the brushing I want to allow her to check out the brush so she knows it's not a scary object and most cats do like it when it is right along their back. What a good girl and I just want to do a little bit of brushing at first. Again I want her to get used to it but I don't want to brush her to the point that she gets up and walks away each time because in that case I'm pushing her past her natural threshhold and if I do that every time, brush her until she leaves then I'm concerned that she is going to have a bad association with the brushing and think that I always push a little bit too far. So some of the other things I can do to make my cat a little bit more comfortable with brushing, because if you have a long haired cat you might need to get a comb that reaches a little bit deeper and is able to separate some of the hairs and get out some of that matting. So what you can do are you can use some little treats like these little cat treats here and you can be providing your cat with some reinforcement for hanging out during the process. So Butter got a little treat. We're going to do a little bit more brushing. She is curious. So again this is the way of making a positive association. Since sometimes brushing a long cat can be a lot of work and you have to be picking at some of those spots I tend to get out some canned food so I'll open up a can of food which is very appealing to your cat and if there are no sharp edges I'll allow them to lick out of the can. If I'm concerned that they might cut themselves I'll just put a little bit of that food on a spoon and then you can either do this yourself or have someone else holding the spoon but it gives you a chance to brush your cat and work at some of those matted areas which might be down by the legs and get that hair out. Again this is an important part of keeping a long haired cat is the regular grooming. So every day, maybe every other day. If you make it a positive experience and end, quit while you are ahead before your cat leaves then they'll think that it was a trusting experience and they'll allow you to brush them again next time.


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