How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight

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Helping a cat lose weight involves a combination of reducing the intake of food calories while increasing the cat's activity level through engaging exercise. Provide a cat with plenty of toys and a high-quality diet with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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How to get a cat to lose weight. One of the obvious ways that you can get a cat to lose weight is by decreasing it's number of total calories. So the important thing to keep in mind here is calories in, calories out. So if your cat is eating a lot of calories, and not exercising much then that might lead to them being overweight. And often your vet will give you an indication of whether your cat is considered overweight or not. If they do, and they tell you your cat needs to lose some weight there are a couple of options you have. Again you can lower the number of calories by either decreasing the amount of food that your cat gets. Instead of leaving the food out for your cat to feed freely you could give them a couple of small meals a day. You can also feed them the food that is lower in calories naturally, but has the same volume. That would be an indoor cat type of food or a weight management type of food. But on the other side you can increase the activity that your cat has. Cats like to jump so providing your cat with something that they can scratch on, which is a natural cat behavior that they can climb into, and that they can jump on to. Cats do like to sleep high up so this would be a naturally appealing place for your cat to be. So again you are increasing the amount of activity so your cat is not just climbing onto the foot stool, and resting in a comfortable place. You are encouraging jumping, and encouraging them to climb into spaces. And one way to attract them to some of the areas that you might want them to use, and get some activity is to place some interactive games with them. So you can use like something like a small ball, and toss that in there, and let your cat catch that, bat it around, bring it out. You can also roll these things on the floor for your cat. You get noisy toys, little mice, things with catnip in them all these become attractive to your cat. You can also play games with your cat with things like a simple shoelace or a string, and this is a great way to get your cat interested in the scratching post, because they will want to chase the string, and before they know it they will be latched onto the post, and this is a great feeling for them. And by bouncing the string around or even getting one of the toys that you can find in the store that is more of a fishing pole style. This actually creates a nice natural bounce for your cat, and looks like more of real prey to them. So again this cat gets your cat moving, burning calories, and can help with weight loss. And one of the other things that you can do is you can buy a treat dispensing ball. So I actually have an example of a dog size one here, because they are made for dogs and cats. And you don't have to use treats in this you can use their regular food. So here I am putting some kibble in, and then I put this on the floor, and if this was a small one for my cat as they roll the ball around the food comes out one piece at a time. So instead of your cat eating it's meal out of a dish, and taking in all those calories with very little activity now we have created a situation where your cat has to move, and push the ball around with their paws or their nose in order to dispense their food one piece at a time. Again burning calories so more calories are being expended than they are taking in. So these are some ways that you can help your cat to lose weight.


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