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Moving a litter box from one location in the house to another should be a gradual change over the course of a few days, which helps the cat locate the box and not have any accidents. Change the location of a litter box with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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Video Transcript

So, if I want to move my cat's litter box it is important for me to consider that this is a big change in the cat's life and routine. So I want to make that move as gradual as possible. If I have the litter box for example in the basement, and I want to move it up into the bathroom on the first floor I would want to have a gradual move. So I would take the litter box, and I would start to move it within the area near the wall. Probably an outside wall of the room, and start to gradually move that out towards the doorway of the basement. And then maybe I would make a jump up to the top of the stairs, and try to find safe spaces and corners where the cat doesn't feel vulnerable when I move the litter box. But again I would not want to make a jump from the basement all the way up to that upstairs bathroom without giving the cat a chance to find where I am moving the litter box to. And then it might also make it easier on your cat if you do do a move to close off the old area where the litter box use to be. So you are confining your cat into a slightly smaller area where they are more likely to find and use the litter box in it's new location. And these types of things again can help make that a gradual change for your cat, to help them find litter box, and by confining that area to make it easier for them to find it and use. Now when you are placing your litter box or moving it you want to take into consideration where the other things in the house are. Cats don't like to eat, and use their litter box in the same room so you want to keep those two things separate. So if they are eating in the kitchen, and you have a littler box in the bathroom that is a great set up for your cat. You just would not want them too close to each other. Again you want it to be in a safe space so if you are moving it from a hidden space you don't want to put it out in the open for your cat. And when you do do the move it can be pretty fast move over a couple of days just a chance for your cat to see where it is going.


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