How to Write a Resume for a Surgical Technician

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A surgical technician's resume should include accurate contact information, a professional summary, a list of pertinent and relevant work experience and education history. Write up a concise resume that gets you the interview with help from an experienced career coach in this free video on resume writing.

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Video Transcript

Hello, we're here to talk about how to write a resume if you are a medical technician. First of all a couple of words about what a resume really is. It is your calling card in the market place. It's not something that is supposed to tell everybody everything about you but what it is is a tool, a marketing tool that is designed to get the interview in which you can more fully describe your qualifications and the reason really that somebody should hire you. But I would like to show you the important elements and the essential elements that would go into this kind of a resume so that you would be able to put it together to your own best advantage. At the top you would expect to see of course name and whatever titles, RN, etc. and your contact information including your address, street, city, zip code, e-mail, telephones. I like to see personally home phone and cell phone and distinguished as such because potential employers when they see a cell phone they, if they are trying to get in touch with you they'll think it is more likely they will be able to get in touch with you on a cell phone than on home phone. You would also want to put your education and training of course, what schools that you went to and your professional experience, the organization, the location, the years that you worked there or if you are still there put to present, the description of the position and the activities that you do within that position and any significant accomplishments that you might have. Again the description of the position is to give the reader the idea of just what your duties and responsibilities are and at the top this would actually be the top of page 2 right here would be again your name, page number, in this case 2 because we would like to see a maximum of 2 pages by the way and your phone number, your cell phone number and if you have additional professional experience this is where you would put that or in the first page depending on how much space you have used up, the organization, its location, the years you were there, again a description of the position and the activities that you did in that position and any significant accomplishments that you might have done there either in training or however your performance was measured at that organization and then again if you had other positions prior to that put those in this place as well. We are looking for reverse chronology, excuse me, reverse chronology so you start with your most recent position first and work backwards through time. Any awards and honors that you have received and your current professional data such as whatever licensures, any specialty certifications that you have and any other certificates that you have and I recommend at the bottom of your resume to put a little bit of personal information about yourself, some community activities that you may be involved in, similarly any hobbies that you may have say if you were a skier or something like that and the person reading your resume was also a skier then frankly you have something to talk about and it is those little points of connection in contact that can make the difference in an interview. So that is in a very brief way the elements that we do like to see in a resume for a person such as yourself. So thank you very much for your attention. I appreciate it.


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