How to Take Care of Rose Plants

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Taking care of rose plants only requires providing high-quality composted soil, watering them occasionally and allowing them to drain well. Discover the required maintenance for rose bushes with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on roses.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to take care of a rose bush or rose plant. Now roses have been around for centuries and they have been in almost every royal garden since the beginning of time. As long as humans have been on Earth they have taken their roses with them. Now roses are easy to grow as long as you have a sunny spot, enough moisture and good drainage. Now this area right here where I've got a couple roses does not, is not the best area for them because they are under the eaves, they don't get watered enough and they have too much shade in the afternoon. They really want some heat in the afternoon and so they're reaching a little bit for the sun but they still survive with very little care. So when you're taking care of your roses make sure if you fertilize that you use nitrogen only in the Spring and early Summer because that makes the foliage and makes it lush and green. It is the phosphates that make the flowers so if you're going to use fertilizers make sure you have a blooming type fertilizer through the Summer so that you can get blooms through the Fall. Most plants don't need a lot of fertilizer and I don't fertilize my plants at all so I have found as long as they get water, good soil, you don't need to fertilize. Now my rule of thumb with pruning is never prune more than one third of the plant back at any one time and when you're pruning you want to cut where the stem meets another leaf at that point. That is where you make your cut and try to cut at an angle but as long as you trim it back and any of the medusa-like stems you will find that your rose will fill in really well in the future. The best time to really prune your roses back is in the early Spring so that they can fill up and they look gorgeous for the next Summer and then the rest of the year you just trim it back and make it look more uniform and you can enjoy your roses all Summer long.


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