How to Root a Knock Out Rose

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The best way to root a Knock Out rose clipping is to dip the end of the branch into honey and plant it in very moist soil. Get a clipping of a Knock Out rose to propagate with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on roses.

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to root a Knockout Rose. Now Knockout Roses are a compact rose that's a great addition to your garden. And they kind of dead head themselves; they just continually bloom and they're disease-resistant but grow at very little care and hardly any water. And so they are really easy easy rose to grow in your garden. Now if you have a friend that has a Knockout Rose and you want to get a start for yourself; it's pretty easy to root them. First of all I just take a stem off of the rose and make sure there's at least a few leaves and you want to cut it at an angle where it meets another leaf. So just at the leaf line, you just cut it at an angle. Now that itself will start to root whether you put it in dirt or you put it right in water and a lot of times my rule of thumb too is you can enjoy the rose as it continues to bloom in the house as a beautiful bloom; but as it withers away and looks bad; you just trim that off and then you'll be left with a small start of a new rose. Now you can leave it at right in water and it'll start to grow roots. You can put it right in a bucket of water, it will start to grow roots. I've even heard stories; my friend, she brought a bunch up from California to the Northwest and left them in buckets for two years through the ice, through the snow just in water and they survive. So roses are almost easy to grow. Hydroponically they're such easy plants to grow. So you can try it right in water; it will start to root or you can actually get a root tone or any type of a rooting agent that you can buy from the store; there's all different brands and that helps too. But I found a wonderful rooting method, is just basic honey. It gives it lots of sugar; so that gives it nutrition and it helps it bond so that when you put it into the dirt the dirt will surround the honey and will stay moist and will allow the roots to grow really. So I just dip any type of plant that I'm trying to root right into honey 'cause it doesn't get anymore organic than that and I really don't like to use any chemicals in my garden. So once you've got that root going to, I like to make sure it's really wet and then just stick it right into some soil. Now you want to cover it down at least an inch or two on stem. If you barely cover it up, it gets too dry. Now the trick too is when you put it in soil is you want to keep that soil really really wet. So put it on a plate or a tray so that it's actually sitting and being wet. But at the same time once the roots are growing, it's almost better to let it dry up, dry out a little bit because if it's too wet, it might start to rot. But it's easy to root a Knockout Rose and once you've got some roots set whether it's in a cup or it's in a container, you can turn around and transplant it into the ground and enjoy them for many years to come.


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