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Geraniums are beautiful flowers that can be kept in flower beds or hanging baskets, but they need to be cut back by getting rid of yellow leaves and trimming spent flowers to the stem line. Discover why a gardener should avoid trimming back more than one-third with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on cutting back geraniums.

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to cut back geraniums. Now geraniums are a beautiful flower whether you put them in your flower beds or in hanging baskets they're just gorgeous but as they continue to bloom and throughout the summer by midsummer usually they look a little tacky because some of the leafs and the flowers are spent. So what do you do and what are the rules? So this geranium right here still looks pretty good it doesn't need a lot of trimming yet but first of all you just want to cut out any of the yellow leafs and it could of just got dried out a little bit or sunburned a little bit, but just trim out any of the yellow leafs and a lot of times I'll just pull those right out and when there's spent flowers you want to trim those out too and you trim to where they meet the stem line. So you don't want to trim back too much and the rule of thumb is don't trim back more than one-third at any one time because you want to continually get blooms on them. So I just want to trim out out some of the flowers that are spent and leave any of the ones that still look good. So my deal with geraniums is if they ever look tacky or if they've got lots of brown leaves trim all the brown out even if it's almost to the very bottom of the root to the ground. It's better to risk it because it'll grow new green leaves most of time and you will continue to get blooms through fall. Where if you would have left it you would have thought that you had killed it but in actuality it's still alive. Now geraniums will survive winters as long as they don't freeze, so as soon as they look tacky if you live in a cold climate chop it down leave it in the garage or the greenhouse or somewhere it's not going to freeze. Keep it moist just a bit but never sitting in water, mud and it will make it through the winter and then as long as you put it out in about May the next year you can enjoy it for another summer.


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