Core Exercises With an Exercise Ball

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A simple exercise to do on an exercise ball in order to engage the core muscles is simply bouncing on the ball and adding new levels of difficulty with punches and kicks. Learn how to do transverse pulses on an exercise ball with help from a Pilates instructor in this free video on core exercises with exercise balls.

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Video Transcript

Hi we're here to talk about core exercises that you can do while you're on the exercise ball. The first exercise that you can do to engage your core muscles, the multifidus, the transversus and the pelvic floor is to bounce. Bouncing on the ball will engage all those muscles. Adding the arms is your next level of difficulty and the last thing that you can do if everything is stable here is to add the kick. So you're going to bounce, kick, bounce, kick, bounce, kick. Other exercises that you can do on the ball is transverse pulses. To do transverse pulse you're going to inhale, let your belly get big, exhale, pull everything in, belly button to spine and hold it. Inhale, belly gets big, exhale, transverse goes in. So the pulse is that you're going to bring it in and in and in and in and in, in, in. Another exercise that you can do on the ball is for pelvic floor. You want to think about your pelvic floor as being the muscles that hold everything in so if you think about your sit bones being drawn together nothing will move, nothing should move that you see but your pelvic floor is being engaged. Then you want to think about tail bone and pubic bone coming together and drawing in. Again those are some things that you can do to engage the pelvic floor muscles.


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