Pilates Leg & Glute Exercises

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Pilates exercises for working the legs and glutes include side leg kicks and side-laying circles. Learn how to do a bicycle exercise in Pilates with help from a Pilates instructor in this free video on exercises for the legs and glutes.

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Video Transcript

Today we're going to be talking about pilates exercises for legs and gluts. To begin we're going to lay down on the mat. We'll need to line up at the back of the mat so you want your elbow, shoulder and hips to be lined up with the back of the mat and your feet at a 45 degree angle. Hips need to be aligned, stacked one on top of the other. From here we're going to do side leg kicks so you're going to kick forward twice, kick, kick and stretch long to the back, again kick, kick and stretch long to the back. You want to do that about eight times. The next thing that we're going to do is side leg kicks. For this one we're going to rotate the femur, knee to the ceiling and lift our leg up and back down, again up and squeeze down. Again hips need to stay stacked and you do that again about eight times. The next one we're going to do is side laying circles. For this exercise you'll bring your foot forward and click your heels together as you go. Make sure that your pelvis is staying nice and straight, abs are engaged, nothing is moving. Again eight times front and then reverse your circle, eight times. The next thing that we're going to do is called bicycle. To do bicycle you bend your leg up, bring it out, straighten it back and bend it in. You can reverse your bicycle by going straight leg forward, bend at the knee, back, straight leg forward and bend at the knee. When you're finished it is important to stretch out the muscles that we've just used. To stretch out the piriformis you can stack your knees one on top of the other and stretch forward. Another stretch that you can do is laying down, bend one leg on top of the other and pull this leg towards you and those are some exercises that you can do for your legs and gluts.


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