Pilates Exercise Routine for Abs

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In order to get better abdominal muscles, Pilates can be used to do a number of exercises, such as the hundred or the roll-up. Find out how to engage the abs when doing Pilates with help from a Pilates instructor in this free video on ab exercise routines.

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Video Transcript

Hi we're here today to talk about Pilates that you can do for your abs so to begin we're going to begin on our back and I want you to find a nice neutral position so there should be a little bit of space in your low back. Hands are going to go to the ceiling and on your exhale you are going to bring hands down by your side, up to your shoulder blades and then roll back down. So again your inhale, exhale, chin to chest up to the shoulder blades and release it down. The next exercise we're going to do is the hundred. To begin you bring one leg to table top, the other leg to table top, make sure that you are keeping your neutral pelvis, hands over head and inhale, exhale, chin to chest and pump your arms. We're going to inhale pumping five times, two, three, four, five and exhale five times, one, two, three, four five. Keep going and then relax it down. The next exercise we are going to do is called the roll up. To begin roll up, hands go over head, on your exhale you are going to bring them over head, scooping out the abs as you roll all the way up. To make this exercise more challenging you can leave your legs straight out and do the same thing. Hands over head, exhale, chin to chest, roll through engaging the abs up to sitting and that's how we do pilates exercises for abs.


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