How to Prevent Catching the Flu

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To prevent getting the flu, it is important to make the body as healthy as possible through a proper whole foods diet that does not include refined sugars. Create a healthy host that is inhospitable to bacteria and viruses with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

How do we avoid the flu? Yep, how do we avoid the flu? Well, apparently right now in the news you're not going to avoid the flu. It's going to be everywhere. Everybody's talking about it. There's this huge scare going on. They have this rush to create a vaccine. This vaccine is supposed to be the end all cure all. That they want out on the market and they want it out quick. Which to me is very scary as to when did they test that vaccine? When was the testing? Was the testing done long enough? I think in my book I would not run to get that and not be the first to get it. The testing's not there and I hate to say basically our human population is going to be the test market and it's not the answer. We are always exposed to viruses and bacteria. They're always around us they even live in us. So it gets back to how healthy is the host? So what are you doing to stay healthy? There's avoid sugars. Bacterias and viruses love sugars and cancer. Cancer has a hundred and fifty times more affinity for sugar that anything else. Wow, so avoid the sugars. Eat properly say more whole food nutrients. Things that actually have nutrition in them. Not the fast food stuff. So more people need to know and understand that the body is run by the nerve system. So, you know eating well, moving well and thinking well it's all a huge package that you need to have in your life to stay healthy. So catching the flu it's not like going out and catching a baseball. It is how well the body's being taken care of.


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