How to Avoid Pollen Allergies

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Pollen allergies can sometimes be avoided by getting a spinal realignment and boosting the body's functionality to work better overall. Handle an allergy to pollen better through natural practices with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

How can you live with allergies, and handle allergies the best. Now again I am a doctor of chiropractic, and I look to the nervous system. And the nervous system of course is handling everything in the body, directly influencing it or directly controlling it. Misalignments, the first bone in the body, the atlas is very commonly shifted out of place, subluxated when somebody is dealing with allergies. A very common bone. And there are chiropractors that actually help I should say specialize more in helping people with their allergies. I deal with allergies basically by adjusting the spine, and looking at how well we can get the body functioning, and cleaning it. There's a couple of products that I use here in the office that Standard Process makes my favorite nutritional whole food, nutritional company that they make, and that actually helps the body clean out the liver. There is something the Chinese discovered in like 1921 I think it was it is called Yackrodon. And it is goes into the liver, and helps clean up the liver. And the histamine response is assisted so people can deal with pollens and stuff better than other people that don't have these benefits of cleaning up their body, and allowing the body to work as well as it can. There is no way to get around being around pollens or dust or any of this. It gets back to the health of the body, and the individuals resistance on how well it can handle it, because you are not going to get away from it.


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