How to Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol

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The best way to lower LDL cholesterol is to incorporate more green foods into the diet, such as broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables. Keep both HDL and LDL cholesterol at the appropriate levels with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

Cholesterol and the LDL versus the HDL, we've been taught that LDL is the bad cholesterol and the HDL is the good guy. The happy dude, right? So the cholesterol in the body is appropriate. It's not good and it's not bad. The LDL actually is the cholesterol that goes to the peripherals, so to your organs. Yes, we all need the organs; they're very important. Eighty percent of your cholesterol actually make, helps you make your hormones. So now we have in this country, crazy, crazy hormonal women, yeah; and it's getting worse. So when you look at trying to manipulate the numbers with the status, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well your body is so wicked smart it knows to make the appropriate levels of cholesterol and it's so smart that if you actually eat more cholesterol in your diet, it makes less. But if you eat less, it makes more. But, do I need to say it? But they have a drug to sell and there's actually two indicators that are actually better to decide if somebody has a heart disease risk and that's homocysteine or C reactive protein. So ask for your blood panels to have those included to see what those are and then get back to eating your, eating right, right? Stay away from the grains; stay away from the breads; the pastas; the cereals and add green, green food; broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts. I think the ranges that they have established; that's a, that's a good guideline; but to manipulate somebody's numbers with drugs; that has, it's just too many side effects because you can do, you can do a lot with food. It's like the diabetic. The diabetic, especially adult onset diabetic, diabetes; so food related. It's very food related; but it gets back to that person that's going to take responsibility.


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