How to Gain Better Sleep Without Medication

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Medication is not always necessary to get a better night's sleep, and it is sometimes a matter of getting more exercise, eating the proper foods and making sure the spine is in alignment. Work on getting better-quality rest without the need for medication with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

The question has to do is sleeping and how to help somebody sleep properly and hopefully without use of a medication. The body is not having the issue of not being able to sleep because they're lacking that medication, there's something else going on. The nervous system controls everything in the body and there's something called the Autonomic nervous system which is self regulated. And that breaks down into Parasympathetic and Sympathetic, one speeds you up, one slows you down. The slow you down part, the Parasympathetic is found on the upper part of the neck and the lower part of the back. And if you actually have a subluxation there , your body is not going to slow down like it's meant to. And hyperactive children that don't stop, that is a huge factor to look at. If they're subluxated in those areas which is very common, especially on the top of the neck. They're going to be on go, the whole time, much like an adult, on go, they can't slow down. So look at the alignment of the spine, that's, that's huge. There's other things to handle, sleep with, of course, people understand exercise. You can go get exercise, you can wear your body out, get very tired, that's a good thing, that can help you sleep. Proper foods again, having sugars at night actually, will cause you get up and you know, go to the bathroom, drink more water, that'll wake you up, I found. Nutritionally, there's something that I find that mineral, certain minerals, there's a formula that I have that helps people, it acts as a mineral tranquilizer, and actually helps you fall asleep. Yeah, and then you can get some of the herbs, there's certain herbs also, and again it's quality of herbs which quality is huge when it comes to any supplement or any herbal product. So there's things that you can do there as well.


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