How to Diagnose a Gluten Allergy

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A gluten allergy can be diagnosed simply by eliminating all gluten from the diet for 30 days, and reintroducing it to document the body's reaction to it. Learn other ways to diagnose a gluten allergy or intolerance with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

So the question is about gluten, and how to best diagnose this. Well, there is a couple of ways. One of the easiest ways is a thirty-day elimination diet, and where you actually remove all the gluten, and gluten products out of your life, and out of your lifestyle. Any of your choices. And by doing this you can add it back in at the end of that thirty days, and see what your response is. And the response is, negatively, usually a bloating. It can cause constipation, it can slow down the bowels, malaise where your body is intolerant to it. Not necessarily allergic, but intolerant. And the person if they are in tune to their body they are going to know. Another choice is you can actually do a stool test, saliva test, and have them send off. I use a company out in Oregon to diagnose these problems, and it will show up or not show up.


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