How to Cure Constipation

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The best way to cure constipation involves eating naturally high-fiber whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, instead of taking fiber supplements. Find treatments for constipation with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

So what is the best way to help someone with constipation. I think the most common thing people think of is fiber. Of course again the TV has done a great job in telling you all about fiber products. And it is a good approach, but yet you would be so much better off actually eating foods that have fiber in them naturally. And I think the whole trend is actually that people have actually gotten away from eating real food. They are so much in a hurry they grab fast food, there is no nutritional content in there. Then of course we play really hard, you slip you fall, they say that a child falls three thousand times by the time it is three years old. Kids just fall so we from the beginning we start shifting our body out of place. The body adapts, it accommodates, but yet the nerve flow into the bowel can be lessened. So that is going to add to the constipation. The fast food gamut that we have going on has no nutrients, and no fiber in it really so we have to look at again the lifestyle. What can we add in? Broccoli, good quality butter on the broccoli, good quality salts on the butter, throw the margarine out. We add in the fibers naturally. Something that in its, I always tell people food in it's most natural state. Gluten has become a big issue, and it is totally related to bowels. Because it doesn't bother some people, but yet other people it bothers terribly. And then you have the in between for the person that it does bother, but they are just not even aware of it.


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