How Does Aspirin Relieve Headaches?

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Aspirin can relieve headaches by thinning the blood and increasing blood circulation, but getting at the root cause of the headache, whether it be dehydration, food, light, stress or toxins, is a more effective treatment. Find out how to identify headache triggers with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

So how does aspirin help in like relieving a migraine? It is not a lack of medications that causes you to have migraines. Something is physiologically wrong in the body. Then again you get back to looking at the nervous system. I personally was somebody that fell many times, hit my head a lot as a kid. And then there's other triggers. It could be food, light, stress, you have to look at the whole picture. What is going on in the body. Somebody doesn't drink enough water could have a slow moving bowel that is more toxic, and that can cause a back up of toxins to the person that causes them to have a headache. Just dehydration. So the nervous system again makes the bowels run properly, work properly. Proper whole foods gets back into taking care of the body, filling in the gaps. Why do we prescribed aspirin for headaches, aspiring for every day hear therapy. I think we need to look at the paradigm that we have, the belief systems that we have first. When there is such a difference in the paradigm sadly the medical model we have is pretty much take a drug or cut it out. Now it is leaning more and more and more towards what is health, and health care versus the traditional it is sick care. The person has a symptom, and they go to get help at that point when they have a symptom. They don't really think about what can I do in my life to stay healthy. Staying healthy means doing things to be healthy chiropractic, acupuncture, good whole foods, good quality foods, good exercise, fresh air, avoiding toxins, exhaust fumes, don't ride your bike behind the big Mack truck that is spewing gas fumes, but go and get fresh air. Many people think, oh they ignore the symptom, they ignore that symptom until it gets worse and worse and worse. Or they choose to go and take an aspirin to cover up that headache or to cover up something. A Tylenol, one of those products it will cover up the symptom. So what it created is a more chronic problem, and then they get into the disease phase, and then they are closer to death. And that it's a very sad model that we've developed.


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