How to Control Hypertension

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Hypertension is usually a sign that something is unbalanced within the body, whether there are too many toxins or hormones. Treat hypertension with a whole food diet, which helps to nourish the nervous system, with help from an experienced chiropractor in this free video on healthy living.

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Video Transcript

I look at hypertension it is like that big black hornet. It is the persons body, the physiology is totally off balance. When you go to adjust these people they are like a brick wall. Their body is about to pop like a balloon would. And it is a feel they have. It is not technically going to happen. So the model that we have traditionally is to take a medication, and I am not down on medications there is a proper place and time, but yet they are totally over used, especially in the United States. And if somebody is truly on a medication for a long period of time they are not correcting the issue. They are just covering it up. So hypertension you have got to look at the body as to what is it deficient in, what does it need. Perhaps it has got too many toxins in them. There is something called xenohormone, X, E, N, O, which is a foreign hormone that can imbalance the body. The hypertensive person is physiologically out of balance, and when you look at what is going to run the body properly, there is a couple of things. Nerve supply, the nervous system runs everything in the body, everything. Directly controls it, and directly influences it so you have to look at the spine. Chiropractors are nerve doctors. You look at the spine to see what misalignment is going on, how can you alleviate that so the body is actually more balanced after the adjustment. The harmony comes back. And then you have to look at whole food, and nutrition not synthetics to fill in those gaps where they are nutritionally deficient. And then you have to look at the body, and what is has been exposed to toxic wise. And the definition of toxin people get fearful of, and the medical model kind of thinks of you have just had gasoline thrown on you. No, it can be lotions, lotions all the time. It could be medications you are taking. Things you do inhale, clorox something like that. It could be the fabric softener you are putting in your clothes. Those all get into your system, and they do accumulate, and you have to have a properly functioning body, nervous system, liver, and etcetera to make your body function better. So when you look at somebody who that is hypertensive you have got to fill in the gap, you have to to know that they are not having that problem because they are lacking in medication. And there are studies that show that chiropractic does help with hypertension, and high blood pressure. When you get back to the root of what runs the body you make that free and clear of problems or interference the body can adapt better, and become more balanced. So there's totally different avenues for everybody, but it gets back to the basic things how is that nervous system working, and what are you sufficient in, and what are your toxic in.


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