How to Reduce Flabby Arms

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Flabby arms can be reduced by doing several exercises, including the rope tricep extension and the basic bicep curl. Find out how to develop the whole bicep with help from a professional personal trainer in this free video on getting rid of flabby arms.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dubail with Dubail Fitness Institute in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to reduce flabby arms. There's a lot of different exercises you can do and I'm going to show you some of my favorites that we use to reduce flabby arms. One is the right, the rope tricep extension. Love this exercise, it's basically on any pulley machine, and a lot of people have different ropes. I like it a little better than a bar because you can get more of a full contraction and really hit different spots. Just remember to bring it up past parallel, you don't want to just keep it very short, you want to work the full range of the tricep, come all the way up and then all the way down. We usually have people do three sets, anywhere from three sets to ten to fifteen reps. Another great exercise would be the basic bicep curl. The old, old ones really work great. Full range, it's going to work the front of the arm, really tighten that up. You want to come all the way down, same thing, full range. A lot of people stop here, that's only developing half the arm. You want to make sure you develop the whole bicep. All the way up, all the way down. Same thing, we're shooting for about fifteen reps on these, three sets. Another great one, dumbbell curls, so we want to always be hitting at different angles, so in this one we use rotation. You hold them, this is a good thing about dumbbells, they're independent and we're going to rotate them up, come down, rotate them up. All right. Another one I really love for the triceps is some, something that I want to point out is full range of motion, very important. You come up, most people are doing short reps here, you've really got to bring it way, way down, you hit the upper part and that's usually where the flabby part is, right here. Full range, full contraction. You can do this with two arms or you can go into a one arm tricep extension, bring it way, way down, bring it straight up. Don't be shortening it, because then you're only working half the arm. Bring it all the way down. Thanks again and this has been Dave, thanks for watching.


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