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In order to increase push-ups, simply do as many push-ups as possible in one day, and then try to beat that number the next day. Discover how to do push-ups from the knees while learning to do more push-ups with help from a professional personal trainer in this free video on increasing push-ups.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dubail with Dubail Fitness Institute in Miami, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to increase your push ups. Push ups have been a stand alone and used by everybody to get in shape, from the US Military to Football teams from when you were a kid. Now a good way to increase this is really just to do as many push ups as you can in a single bout and then the next day, try to beat that number. There's a few other ways you can add and increase your push ups. Remember the basic push up, you always want to have your body tight and you're going to work your core so that stays tight. You're not putting your hips up too high; you're not putting them down too low. Here's a really a great way to increase your push ups too. So you're going to do your push ups; let's say you can only do like five push ups and then you can't do anymore and you go to failure. So we have a lot of people here, at the Bail Fitness what we have, we have them go to their knees and then we just have them keep going. So they rep out like another ten to fifteen; keeping their hip straight and it adds more endurance to the upper body and strengthens the triceps. You'd be able to go a little longer at those clips. Again, this is an endurance exercise that you want to be working. So it's important to do this everyday. Also you can do morning and at night. You really can't overdo the push ups. I've had many times where I did them morning and night when I was younger; as you, a younger person; and my push ups went from ten to fifty a day. So it's a great way to build up. You really like how dropping to the knees and you continue your push ups and the, that's the way to go. So let me show you one more time. If you did it; then say you can't go anymore; you drop to your knee and just keep going. That way you will build it up. Thanks again; this is Dave Dubail. Thanks for watching.


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