How to Use a Medicine Ball

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Medicine balls are great pieces of exercise equipment that can facilitate a number of different exercises by adding resistance. Augment push-ups and abdominal exercises with a medicine ball with help from a professional personal trainer in this free video on using medicine balls.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dave Dubail with Dubail Fitness Institute in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to use a medicine ball. Medicine balls are great a great piece of exercise equipment that have been around since nineteen twenties. They are just usually a round ball and they come in different weights, anywhere from two pounds to thirty pounds. Generally I like to have people use anywhere from two pounds to ten pounds depending on their fitness level. There's a lot of different exercises you can do to add resistance to any basic program. Let me show you a couple different exercises that we like to do and we'll get it going. You can use the medicine ball to add more resistance to your abdominals. So it's like a weighted press, adds a little more resistance to the abdominals. If you are good at pushups, or really mastered it and are getting a little bored of them, just do a pushup like that unbalanced then you roll it over. If you want to do it you know the regular pushups same thing. And really can include every single exercise you do. You can work the torso with the abs at the same time, so you've taken a basic lunge and turned it into a oblique movement. Work the shoulders keeping it up high, really opening up the hip flexors too as it gets stretched. And even if you just wanted the heavier ones, you just use this for shoulder workouts, straight up and down. Awesome. Great piece of equipment add to anybodies basic workout. Once again this is Dave Dubail thanks for watching.


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