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Keeping a dog cool during the summer is important for their health, and many dogs enjoy being sprayed with water or eating ice cubes out of their water bowls. Be mindful of a dog's heat sensitivity during the summer with help from a certified dog trainer in this free video on canine behavior.

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Hi, my name is Dee Hoult with Applause Your Paws in Miami, Florida. In this tip, I'm going to show you a couple ways to keep your dog cool in the summer. Now, this is especially important if you have an outside dog or you plan on spending a lot of time outside with your dog. I'm here in South Florida, and you can imagine, it gets very hot. Now, a dog's normal temperature is already close to 102 degrees on an every day typical day for a healthy dog. So you can imagine how quickly they can overheat when it's 80 or 90 degrees outside here in South Florida or anywhere else. So my first tip--thank you, Cindy--is just adding ice to your dog's water. Now, most dogs enjoy a nice, cool bowl of water, but sometimes it's even more fun to add in ice cubes. And depending on the dog, some dogs will even take the ice cubes out and play with them. Riley, come here. Come here, guys. Look. Look at my ice. Good. Come on. Come enjoy it. And that's a fun treat, too, because they can take the ice out--like Paco is crunching the ice over here. That's a lot of fun for him. The next thing you can do to help keep your dogs cool is maybe you can invest in one of these little spraying fans. These are nice for people, too. It's battery-operated, and it just turns on like this. And then if you're on a walk with your dog, maybe you can just spray him a little bit to keep him cooled off. Now, Oxford loves water. You can see, he's already enjoying that and doesn't mind me spraying it in his face at all. Some dogs don't prefer the water, so this may not be a good idea, but for most, especially like labs and other water dogs, they love it. And then if you have access to a hose, the hose can even be a good way to cool off your dog. Some dogs enjoy playing in the hose in the summer; others enjoy biting the water like Oxford here. So it's a fun game, and it's nice and refreshing--something easy you can do. And he loves this--you can just spray him all in the face or his whole body. And remember that dogs only sweat--they don't sweat, but they can only cool off through two areas of the body. So that's the mouth, so we want to keep the mouth really cool always in the summer, as well as the pads of their feet because those get the most hot. If you're somewhere here in South Florida where there's hot pavement, you may even want to invest in some dog booties to help protect your dog's feet from the pavement. Again, I'm Dee from Applause Your Paws in Miami.


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