How to Train a Tracking Dog

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A tracking dog can be trained to track efficiently by leaving a trail of small treats or kernels of dog food with a larger treat at the end. Let a tracking dog use his nose with help from a certified dog trainer in this free video on canine behavior.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is De Hoult with Applause Your Paws in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to began training a dog for tracking. Now this is Riley and Riley is a foxhound which means that her sense of smell is even better than the normal dogs sense of smell which is already very, very keen so much more than humans. You can tell she's very excited to start this exorcise with me and what we do when we began training is we can use something like little crumbs of a treat something yummy and then I'm going to have like a jackpot treat at the end. So something that shes working towards finding. So what I'm going to do at first is I am going to almost drop this a steady trail of treats here and its OK Riley can watch me do it so I'm just going to drop some little treats as I go. See Riley's ready to run here. It's better to break them up in to little pieces so its harder for her to find and then as time goes on you can spreed out those pieces even more so right now I'm dropping them close together and then I'm going to put my final treat here at the end. Which she didn't see me drop it and then we're going to let her follow the sent hopefully to the jackpot treat. So you can see her sniffing the ground there and this is a great, actually a great mental exercise for your dog if you have a backyard for mental stimulation for them to really challenge their mind to a fun exorcise. So you can even use your dogs food as opposed to adding in treats which is more calories that everyday diet to encourage them to follow and if they get distracted you may need to drop a couple more treats down to kind of encourage them to come back the right direction. See she found a really tasty bit right there. Let her just sniff around, use her nose. Good, shes almost there and there she goes she finding the last treat. Good girl, what a good girl! So we give her lots of verbal praise when she finds that last treat. Good girl you found it and maybe you can add a cue word like, you found it. So she knows the exorcise is done. Again this is De from Miami and Applause Your Paws. Thanks for watching.


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