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A great material to use for special effects makeup is latex, which can be applied to the skin, manipulated, allowed to dry and painted over to make realistic scars and scabs. Use latex on the face for monster and and movie effects with a demonstration from a professional makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art by Keegan and we're here in Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip I'm going to show you how to apply some special effects makeup. We have our ghoul here, he's got a couple of wounds, he looks like he's rotting a little. We're going to use latex and intensify this. First thing we're going to do, before we do our latex, we're going to just set the area with a little red. With the latex we're going to make him look like he has skin that's coming up and rotting flesh that's peeling and falling off. So we're just going to use a little red and a little black that is going to be the underlying color over the latex, doing it all in there, bringing this up. So we've added some color where we're going to do our special effects. The next step is laying down the latex. We've got some liquid latex on a plate here with our sponge that's been ripped up a little just so it's not even. Just dab in your latex and start dabbing on the skin. To speed up the process we're going to dry this with a blow dryer. So we've dried our latex until it's pasty, it was about three minutes. Next step here we're going to powder and then lay some color on top of the latex. You want to powder so that your latex is not too sticky while you're working on it. And just really lightly powder, you can use a powder puff or using a brush just so you can brush it away easily. And we're going to go back over, make it similar to the rest of his skin, with a little white on there, a little bit of our green and yellow, going to give it that rotten look to it. Then we're going to start peel it away so it looks like his skin is peeling away. And when you do this you want to be real careful, don't pinch your model. Kind of grab that latex with your finger and it'll start to bubble and pop, so you're just going to grab that and peel back and another spot you're going to grab and peel back so it's got those little holes, that's what we're going for. We want his flesh to be rotting. Around the edges as well, you can peel back some more in those places. You want to vary the size. Remember even in nature are a little different, so we're going make them bigger and smaller in different places. O.k., so we've peel a little bit more of our latex and now we're going to finish up. Just a little color on the outside on the little holes and the edge of our latex. Finishing touch is our special effects stage blood. So we're going to dip our brush in there , going to insert in to these little holes, just a little pocket there with our blood inside and the edges that are coming up and drip it down a little. Alright, there we are. This has been Keegan Hitchcock, thank you for watching.


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