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Using makeup to age someone involves finding the naturally-occurring wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth, and darkening those lines using a dark brown liner. Blend in natural-looking wrinkle lines to make someone look much older with a demonstration from a professional makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art by Keegan and we're here in Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip I'm going to give you some theatrical makeup aging tips. When you're applying aging makeup to a young person like we have today, two things to keep in mind is they're face is going to be pretty smooth to start out, so you're going to ask them to scrunch their faces mostly. Can you close up your eyes and squeeze as tight as you can? You're going to see when she does that there's a little wrinkle here around the nose, a little bit around the side. O.k., Relax and smile for me. And then your going to see also there's some wrinkles here. So what you're going to do is find those wrinkles and deepen them and darken them. We're going to do that by taking a brown; you don't want to really go in to something really dark like a black or a gray. You still want it to look natural, just a little bit older than she is. Scrunch up your face again for me. Alright so we see a couple little lines here, so we're just going to take our darker color and kind of extend out. O.k., can you relax, smile real big again and notice when you smile, those lines are going to come out too. So, close again. We're going to take just right here. She doesn't really have this naturally, but as you get older those parts of your eyes are going to sink in, close. We're going to her eyes look like they have a little bit more wrinkles, maybe a little heavier. This is all with our darker brown, going to make it look like they're set back in a little bit further in to her face. When you're doing for stage you're going to make it a little bit thicker also, so that it stands out so that it's caught not lost in the lighting. O.k., extend this down. Smile one more time for me. These right here, these are the nasal labial lines, nasal like your nose, labial like your lips. It's the lines that form in between them. You can relax again. We're just going to go there and darken in just a little bit. So you're going to do this all over the face to age. Around this nose here as well, going to get a little bit deeper. So when you have your darker lines set where you want them, next you're going to take a lighter color. You can even go a little bit lighter than your model's skin tone if you'd like. And you just going to go between those dark lines with the light color and highlight. This is going to make the skin look like it's raised here. Just going to help it look like those wrinkles are set in to the face. And I'm going to do a line right here, underlined a little bit. You don't want a super harsh line you want it to look like this is really a part of her skin, not set on top of her skin. Alright, then we're going to do the same thing over here. We're going to go on the outside here, because that's where the skin is going to be raised on. Smile for me. So you see how her skin is raised around that line, that's why we're putting the light color there. You can relax again. So we're going to do that harder towards the dark blended outwards. And as I said you'll do this all over face wherever there would naturally be wrinkles. Can you give me a real surprised look? Raise your eyebrows..same thing up on the forehead here. And just while she's doing that highlight these little lines. And those are some basic tips. Afterwards if you'd like to, just take your stipple sponge with a brown lightly touched give it more pores and you're all set. Thank you for watching. This is Keegan Hitchcock.


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