How to Apply Airbrush Makeup

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Airbrush makeup is specially formulated to spray evenly from an airbrush gun, and it creates a flawless matte finish perfect for special effects. See how makeup can be airbrushed on the skin with help from an experienced special effects makeup artist in this free video on theatrical makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art by Keegan, and we're here in Ft. Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to apply airbrush make-up. First thing, what is airbrush make-up? Airbrush make-up is make-up that's designed specifically to go through an airbrush machine. So the difference is it's a liquid but it's a little different than a liquid foundation. It's got to be more fine. It's got to be very durable. This is airbrush make-up. It comes in a little thing. It looks almost like the liquid foundation. There's different types of it though. You can have the water-based, you can have the silicone-based, and you can have the alcohol-based. Most of the time you're going to be using water-based or silicone-based. Alcohol-based is if you really need it to be water resistant, sweat resistant and smudge proof. That's usually the more fantastical colors, the purples, the greens, the blues. Those are most of the time going to be the alcohol-based, and it's going to be used for theatrical performances. So let's talk about the airbrush gun. Airbrush guns can be somewhat expensive ranging close to and even above $100. It's a little bit complex, it has a needle that runs straight through it. The needle is very important. This is what helps your make-up to flow through it. You have a button on top of the airbrush that's going to pull back and when it pulls back, that pulls your needle back which allows the make-up to flow through. Sometimes when you're working it can get a little bit clogged up. You may have to unscrew the back and pull the needle out, make sure it's clean and go for it after that. Put it back in, tighten it and you're ready to go. You also want to remember when you're airbrushing, the make-up is flowing through there, so you have to constantly keep your hand moving. If you stop, you're going to get a concentration of make-up wherever that stopping point is. So when you do it, you either want to go in circles, or you want to go in sweeping motions, being sure not to go over the same spot more than once unless you want a thicker coverage there. In your airbrushing you can do a lot of really cool really fancy techniques. You can do stenciling, you can use any type of thing that has a hard edge to give you a nice clean line. You can use really stuff like lace or netting to give you a nice effect. You'll spray through it. You'll lay your lace down on your canvas which is your model, and then you'll spray through with a color, making sure to get it nice and even. When you peel back your netting or your lace, your model's going to have a pattern that looks just like that lace on her. It's a really cool effect. Once again, this has been Keegan Hitchcock. Thank you for watching.


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