How to Apply Dracula Makeup

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Dracula makeup involves making the skin pale, but not opaque white, drawing in a widow's peak, and adding red makeup around the eyes. Make someone look like a vampire with help from an experienced special effects makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art by Keegan and we're here in Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip we're going to do some Dracula makeup. First thing we're going to do is make our Dracula pale. He's undead so we're going to make his skin paler. We're not going to go for a fully opaque white on here. We just want him pale. So he looks undead but not like a clown. So we've given our model a nice pale look here. Now we're going to move on to hollowing out his face a little bit. I'm going to start on his eyes. Going to use a red really lightly. Close your eyes please. Right starting in the corner and going out, out and down on the bottom and the top. It's just going to give him that again the undead look. He doesn't get enough sleep. He's undead he is up during the night. He's got reddish eyes. Turn towards me please. So we're going to start with the red in the corner extending down a little bit. Going to put a little, turn back a little in the temples also and on the sides to kind of hallow out the cheek bones. We're going to go over those parts with brown as well. So it looks a little bit more natural. Turn again please. All right and then we're going to be using the brown as I said. To hollow out the cheeks. We're going to go right under the cheek bones. We want the cheeks to look like he's sunken in a bit. So we're going to go down around the cheek bone and down towards the jaw line and again we're going to blend that reddish color in. By the temples as well. Same thing on the other side. So we're going to take our black liner and we're going to go right along the eye here on the top with the black liner. OK and turn towards me. Get the other eye here. I'm just doing a thin line we don't need it to be too thick. Just a little definition there. So the last thing we're going to do here is give him a widow's peak for that classic Dracula look. Just going to extend his natural hairline down in to a point. Blend the color up in to his hair and you can always of course add your own fangs and you're just going to do a tiny little bit on your lips. We're not going to make him look like he's wearing lipstick but we're going to give a little bit of color on there. All right and we are all set. This is Keegan Hitchcock. Thanks you for watching.


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