How to Do Old Man Makeup

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The trick to doing old man makeup is to emphasize the lines and wrinkles already in the face. Add darker colors in the laugh lines around the eyes, the forehead worry lines and the smile lines around the mouth with help from an experienced special effects makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art By Keegan and we're here on Ft. Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip I'm going to show on this side of the face how to do old man makeup. The whole point of this makeup is to take any wrinkles that maybe there already and make them more define and deeper. "So can you scrunch your face up for me?" So we're going to see there's few lines around the eyes here; there's also lines around here. "You can relax. Now smile real big." And again some more lines and little deep around here; we're also going to give a look of jealous and stuff too. "Okay, you can relax". So first thing we're going to do is with our darker color; go in to where the lines would be naturally and make them a little bit deeper. So we're going to go around the eyes here; give them some crow's feet and send them out. Same thing under the eyes as well; make them a little bit true be, extend some lines, a little crows there. And you can blend if you make your lines a little too thick. You don't have to dainty blend; you don't want them like two inch wrinkles there; we want still natural but emphasized. "Can you raise your eyebrows for me?" Okay, that surprise look going on, see any lines in the forehead. You always want your actor or model to do that so that you're giving their wrinkles. You're not making up something new. You have it there, you just want to increase the look of them. "Okay, you can relax." Then we're going to go around the fold of the nose here and "Smile again". We're going to define this line here; darken that a bit. "You can relax." I'm going to darken here on the chin as well just to make them look like the skin will protrude just a little bit more; his, his chin will stand out if you do like this and you can even go on the corners of the lips, darken that make them look like they're a little saggy. Under the jawline here as people get older the skin will be a little looser, not quite as elastic. So we're going to make it look like his skin is hanging just a little bit here by going under his natural jawline and make. Next we're going to highlight; highlight means lighter color; so we're going to take a lighter flushed tone here and go, "Raise your eyebrows again." Again, ask your model to move their face; it would be easier for you and it will look more natural when you're done. So we'll just go in above and below these wrinkles here with some highlight; extending them out. You don't want your eyes to be too harsh. You want them to be visible but not super harsh. We don't want to paint on his face, we want it to blend into his face. I'm going to highlight a little bit here; make the eyes have a saggy look. More powder and this is our old man makeup. This is Keegan Hitchcock, thank you for watching.


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