How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

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In order to get a cat to drink more water, it's important to make water more appealing to cats, and this can be done through multiple water sources and keeping a cat's water away from its food. Discover how some cats like to drink out of mugs with help from a veterinarian in this free video on getting cats to drink more water.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Carrie Burhenn and I'm a veterinarian at the Feline Medical Clinic in Vancouver, Washington. I'm here today to give you a little information on how to get your cat to drink more water. Well, this is similar to the old added jokes, leading a horse to water and trying to make them drink. You cannot make any cat drink more water, but you can make the water they have, more appealing so that they should drink better. Cats evolve from little dessert creatures, the African cat and they have very poor drive for thirst. They don't always recognize that they actually are thirsty. So making water appealing is sometimes a little more of a trick than it is for a dog, that tends to drink when you put a bowl of water down. Cats generally do not like their water dishes right next to their food dishes. If a cat were to catch a mouse in the wild, there's rarely a little stream at hand, so they can have a drink. So usually it will catch and eat it's kill and then go and find water later on. So putting water in an area where the cat actually wants to drink. In an area that is again, you can put a dish near the actual food bowl, if you wish, but you may need to put cups of water around the house. Cats also like different substances to drink from, some cats drink from coffee mugs. But some prefer a little rice dish that has a wider aperture so that the whiskers of the cat doesn't actually touch the rim of the bowl, when they're drinking. Fresh water is essential and that's why they've actually come up with these little cat fountains that actually keep the water spilling over the edge. And trying to appeal to the cat by the sound of falling water. The water in all these fountains should actually be exchanged or used distilled water to keep it clean and keep algae from growing in the actual fountain itself. Water dishes should actually be dumped, rinsed, scrubbed clean and then filled with fresh water on a daily basis. If you do these things and if you put water in places that appeal to the cats. My cat actually likes to drink from a window sill, in a mug that's on the sill, right where it can actually look out the window and see the birds outside. Sometimes finding as appealing locations such as that, will encourage our cat to drink more water. I hope this is been of help to you.


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