Working Triceps With Dumbbells

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Dumbbells can be used to work out the triceps with exercises such as the triceps kickback and overhead triceps extensions. Do a triceps extension from a high plank position with help from a personal trainer in this free video on using dumbbells for triceps exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephen Smith owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Now I'm going to show you some exorcises with dumbbells to help straighten the triceps. You can do a triceps kickback basically you can use a bench or not without a bench. So if you don't have one I'm going to demonstrate without. Keeping the shoulders square, elbow up you're going to kickback this is called a triceps kickback. OK, again elbow in line with the shoulders extending through you don't want the wrist rocking you want the wrists straight and extended all the way through. You can go to an over head triceps extension taking the weight going down and extending up keeping the elbows in line with the shoulders. You don't want them too far behind you slightly in front going down extending up. You can isolate that and do one arm at a time by taking it across the body and you can take it directly back. There a number of other exorcises you can do involving the core when doing the triceps if strong enough you can go in to a high plank. Just pull the feet apart bring the weight up and do a triceps kickback from a high plank position again keeping the shoulders and the hips in line.


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