Exercises to Remove Back Pain

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In order to reduce back pain, it's important to warm up the back before doing exercises. Discover how strong abdominal strength is a great way to get rid of back pain with help from a personal trainer in this free video on exercises for back pain.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephen Smith owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness, also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Now I'm going to show you some exercises and how to reduce back pain. To keeping the back pain, if you have back pain there's one or two things, you could have had an injury, some sort of accident or you have really tight hamstrings. So, a couple of things to help reduce back pain. First, warming up the back, placing the hands on the side, dropping the knees to the right and the left, say ten on each side, that'll help stretch and warm up the back. You can extend the legs out o.k., stretch the arms overhead. That's going to help elongate the spine and help relieve just a little extra because you're stretching out the spine. This is not a sure fire way but it's going to help elongate your spine and help relieve some pressure. You can grab equipment, you can use what is called a magic circle, taking the magic circle on the foot, keeping the leg extended pulling the leg to you and that's going to help stretch your hamstrings. By releasing some of the pressure in the hamstrings you're also going to relieve some of the pressure that's go through the gluts and going up into the lower back. Remember if you stretch one side, you're going to stretch the other as well, placing the magic circle here and pulling the leg back to you. Another way to help reduce low back pain is also doing abs. Having strong abdominal strength, is also going to help relieve the back strength. You can do a core exercise like keeping the shoulders in line, doing what is called a bird dog, keeping the abs tight, extend one leg out and bringing it in. Taking the other leg out and bringing it in, alright. Here you're working on your core keeping the abs tight, shoulders and back flat. These are always, they're going to help reduce back pain. You can bring your feet together, push your hips back, stretch and let the butt or the gluts taught between the heels and stretch through the fingertips. This too will also help relieve back pain.


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