How to Stretch the Hip

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Exercise that help to stretch the hip include laying on the back, placing an ankle over the knee, pulling the knee in and pulling in at the shoulders. Discover an exercise for stretching the hip that involves the use of a wall with help from a personal trainer in this free video on stretching the hip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephen Smith; owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness, also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Now I'm going to show you some exercises to help stretch the hip. One way you can do it is start on your back. Okay. Place the ankle over the knee; pull the knee in and pull in at the shoulders like that. That's going to really help loosen this hip up. Okay. Bring it down. You can help by loosening it more in the back and the hips by rocking the knees side to side. Same thing; take the leg, cross it over and drop the knees over to your right. If you cross your leg on your right you should feel the knee, the stretch in your left hip. Center it over; if you keep the leg up and drop it over to the left, you're going to feel the stretch in the right hip. Remember if you do it on the right side, you're going to have to do it on the left side. So if you do the left; drop the knee over to the left; you should feel the stretch in your right hip. Keeping the left leg across the right and you drop it over, you should feel it. Another hip exercise to do is come against the wall; place your hand against the wall; cross the right leg over and let the hip, left hip drop to the wall. Doing the other side; place, hand against the wall, cross and drop the hip over to the wall.


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