Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Plan

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When doing a full-body dumbbell workout, it's important to use comfortable dumbbells and to start with large muscle groups. Learn about exercises to do with dumbbells, such as squats and triceps extensions, with help from a personal trainer in this free video on dumbbell workout plans.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Stephen Smith, owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Now we're going to demonstrate a full body workout plan using dumbbells. Start with something relatively light that is suitable for you. You don't want to go too heavy at first but you, you know small end dumbbells are a good weight. Start with the larger muscle groups first so we can start with stationary squats. Squatting in place you want to do twelve to sixteen reps, okay. We can do chest press. You can lie flat on the floor or you can get a bench. If you don't have a bench, but lying flat on the floor pressing up, for chest press. Go on to the next muscle group which will be your back. You can go with the low row pulling up, squeezing the shoulder blades together for the back. Another exercise for the back you can go to a one arm row, pulling up along the side of the body keeping the shoulders square, the back flat and the chest out, moving from the back we'll go to the shoulders. You can go with an overhead shoulder press. You can do alternating front raises. You can go into upright rows. Once we do that we are going into our arms with alternating bicep curls, hammer curls for the triceps, we can do a triceps kickback, again keeping the elbows up, back flat a neutral spine. You can go with an overhead triceps extension, keeping the elbows up nice and controlled. Again total body workout. Start with your larger muscle groups first, legs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps. You can also do abs simply by taking the weight lying back flat using extra resistance keeping the lower spine pressed into the floor for that added resistant. Total body workout with dumbbells. Again you are going to use starting with your larger muscle groups and working your way to the smaller muscle groups, provide a variety of exercises with the dumbbells and/or without.


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