How to Improve Push-Ups

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There are several ways to improve push-ups, including moving one leg back while keeping the body aligned, and changing the angle by placing the hands on a bench. Learn about modified push-ups with help from a personal trainer in this free video on improving push-ups.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephen Smith owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness also located in Atlanta Georgia. Now, we're going to talk about how to improve a push-up. There are several ways to improve the push-up. The key thing to improving a push-up is proper form. We'll start say if you don't know how to do a push-up, the proper technique is to start on your knees maintaining a straight line between the shoulders, the hip and the knees. Get on top of the knees, feet are up, hands at little wider than shoulder width going down and coming up going down and coming up taking the chest to the mat. As you get stronger, extend on leg back here keeping the abs in line. If that stronger then slowly and the other foot and to notice that you're in a proper push up position with the shoulders, the hips and the knees and ankle are in line. Notice that the shoulders, the hips and the line are also in line. That shoulder, hips, and ankles are also in line. If doing a push-up on the floor is a little too difficult, you can change the angle by placing your hands on a bench stepping back and basically raising the floor and going down. If that's too much, modify the push-up by pressing on the knees and going down as you get stronger again go through the same steps of extending one leg and getting stronger. The key thing the key way to improve a push up is gradual progression. Remember, there are no more boy and girl push-ups, there's push-ups and modified push-ups.


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