How to Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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In order to roast pumpkin seeds, use a Canola oil because it doesn't hide the flavor of the seeds. Find out how to let pumpkin seeds roast on a high heat with help from a certified chef in this free video on making roasted pumpkin seeds.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Foreman, I'm the Head Chef at Around The Table in Camas, Washington, today I'm going to show you how to toast pumpkin seeds. They're kind of small, so I like to do in a saute pan, I use Canola oil when I do, because a neutral oil is better, to lighten not hide the flavor of the nuts that you're trying to bring out. You can't really find these that often, because they're not in season. But you can go to any kind of farmer's market or a bulk store and find raw, unshelled, so they're perfectly fine. The next time you take out your Jack-O-Lantern, boil the seeds in some salted water, saute them, roast them in the oven just like that. You don't even have to shell them, I mean, they're perfectly fine right there. I'm going to use a little bit olive oil because generally, I will use it to make a Pesto, so it brings out a different kind of flavor, adds a little bit of fruitier flavor. But if you use a neutral oil as I said like Canola, you're not hiding the flavor you're trying to bring out. You want a high heat, and just let them sit, that's one of the problems most people don't just let stuff sit. Wait until it starts to smoke a little bit and get a nutty aroma, just toss them a little bit, that's all it takes. If you salt them a little bit, if you're going to use them as just a plain snack, then it gets a little bit more of the salt, into the middle of the nut. And that is all that it takes, just like I said, they're very small, they have a little bit of brown and are nice and oily rich. Right now, you can just salt them a little bit and use Sea salt, Kosher salt, it's all good. I love to use them in a Pesto, anytime you're going to use Pine nuts or in a Waldorf salad or anything like that. You can replace them with pumpkin seeds and it gives nice nutty flavor.


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