How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

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A dog's pregnancy lasts about 58 to 65 days, and a pregnant dog should be cared for with increased food intake, washing of the breast area and access to plenty of water. Learn about keeping a pregnant dog free of stress with help from a veterinarian in this free video on caring for pregnant dogs.

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Hi this is Dr. Bob Pane from Miami, Florida at South Kendall Animal Clinic. Lets talk about, how to care for a pregnant dog. The pregnancy in a dog lasts anywhere from 58 to 65 days, depending on the size of the breed. We usually increase the food intake if we know they're pregnant, by feeding puppy chow throughout the pregnancy and during the lactation period. The area of the breast should be cleaned and washed. She should be wormed before she's pregnant, so she doesn't give any of the worms to her babies or lets lesson the chance for that through the placenta. We want to make sure we have a pen for her that she can walk out, maybe a six inch lip where you can clean it, when the puppies are born they can stay in this little pen; with six inches with rags and clean a bowl, utensils that you can clean the water in, food that you leave her. Again, you clip the area of the breast, maybe around the vagina area, the vulva area, if there's hair in that area. You can give her plenty of access to water, you got to keep her away from stress. You want to make sure she does not run a lot, because she'll have a much harder time to do that. You want to make sure you feed her several times a day, because her stomach will be impinged by the puppies, and so she'll only be able to eat small amounts of food throughout the day because the stomach can't extend that far, plenty of water. Again, keep her on heart worm preventative, keep her on flea preventative, make sure the flea preventative say it's okay for pregnant dogs, but we don't want any fleas or ticks on her. So if there is any debris or infection, try to clean her up before she becomes pregnant. But if a dog is pregnant you got to treat her very quietly, and keep her very, very clean and very, very isolated from other animals and free of parasites. But again, increase the water consumption availability and increase the food availability for the dog throughout the pregnancy, several times a day fill the puppy food up. If there's any problems call your veterinarian.


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