How to Deworm a Pregnant Dog

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Most veterinarians don't recommend worming dogs that are pregnant because it can hurt the puppies inside of them, but some products are okay for pregnant dogs. Discover why it's important to worm before pregnancy with help from a veterinarian in this free video on de-worming a pregnant dog.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Bob Pane, from Miami, Florida, at South Kendall Animal Clinic. In this clip, we'll talk about deworming a pregnant dog. I'd like to have a disclaimer in the fact that most veterinarians don't recommend worming dogs that are pregnant because it could hurt the puppies inside them. Usually, we recommend having a fecal check done before the pregnancy occurs and making sure they're wormed before. Oftentimes, there are wormers that are okay for dogs that are pregnant if you think they have worms and you've seen them in the stool, or the veterinarian has. What we normally do is identify the type of worm you have; then, get the product that's Ok’d for pregnant dogs, then give it orally. We normally do is pick a pretty benign wormer like Strongid and we draw it up with a syringe, and it's usually a cc per like twenty pounds. We draw it up in the syringe and then give it orally, very carefully in the mouth without stressing her out. And just open the mouth up gently and just shoot in the back of the mouth. Don't overdo it, especially if she's past first term or the first half of the pregnancy, because she'll probably be a little more susceptible to vomiting and if you gag her too much she may vomit. And then, she'll get sick and she may have problems with the puppies in gestation. So to reiterate, we don't really recommend worming mothers that are, bitches that are pregnant because it could affect the puppies. If it's a necessary thing because the mother is sick and anemic and needs to be wormed then consult your veterinarian and see what the product you can use safely in dogs. And then, if you get stuff at the feed store or at the pet store or the veterinarian you give it gently orally. You open the mouth gently or give the liquid gently and as directed by the label. In summary, try not to worm your dog. Try to worm before pregnancy, and again, be really careful when you do that. This has been Dr. Pane. Thank you for watching.


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